This has been a crazy journey. It’s taken me a while to narrow down my focus as it relates to helping you earn money online. I’ve been a full-time online entrepreneur for several years now and it’s been hard to pick one area of expertise that I feel can truly help you.

<h1>Recently, I took a journey back in time and tried to remember my biggest frustration as a newbie. Then it dawned on me that the biggest frustration was “how to make money blogging.” The issue had stemmed passed my newbie stage and transitioned into my veteran years as a blogger.<h1>

I had taken a ton, of courses, launched multiple blogs, and spent many years banging my head against the wall trying to figure it out.

I’ll never forget the first network marketing opportunity I had joined. It was all about blogging. I spent thousands of dollars training and masterminding but never earned a dime during that time. I use to think that blogging was all about writing posts and sticking offers in them.

My blog had a primary topic and my post was related but there was no strategy, design, aim, or connection with the readers. Later, I discovered a few things that truly helped me convert leads like crazy. You can start putting these tips to use, on your blog, right away.

A Few Tips That You Can Use Today

If a first-time visitor can’t discover what your blog is about, figure out what your offer is, and determine if they need what you’re offering within the first 8 seconds of their visit then you’ve missed it.

In addition to the 8-second rule, a new visitor should be able to quickly connect with your lead capture page and learn more about your services within 15 seconds of their initial visit.

At First Glance, Your Blog Should Include: 

  1. A clear-cut attention-grabbing header that represents your blog’s purpose
  2. A short but direct synopsis about how your blog benefits the visitor
  3. An immediate lead capture mechanism to help your visitor enter your sales funnel & learn more

<h2>Your blog should have a strategy. That’s what this platform is all about, helping you develop a blog strategy for your profitable blog.  Not far in the distant past, I taught all sorts of stuff about leveraging the internet for profits. Then I discovered that focusing on blog profits would help more people leverage internet profits over a longer period of time.<h2>

In fact, it’s what major search engines are looking for. . .they are searching for people who know what they’re talking about concerning specific topics. If I can help you narrow down your focus, launch your blog, and reach your target audience we all win.

The search engines get the targeted information they want; you get the targeted leads you want; I get the successful clients I want, and everybody is getting the value they want.

<h3>I believe that helping you launch your blog in your area of interest will help diversify the information that we find on the web and put good content out there for consumers to access. This is so rewarding, and I’m so excited to help you get started with your profitable blog.<h3>

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