The terms and conditions for partners differ a bit from regular members. There are no refunds for the purchase of Ad space. Tdaviscole’s Online Services, its partners, nor its affiliates can promise any particular results from your ad placement. You could get no clicks at all. However, we do place your Ad in a very visible place where members can choose whether to engage with it or not.

Your Ad will remain inside the library for 90 days. Your credit card on file will automatically be charged if your membership is not canceled before the 90 days end.

Tdaviscole’s Online Service’s reserves the right to deny any Ad for any reason at any time, in which case a full refund would be issued. We do not owe any explanation as to why your Ad was denied or removed from our platform, but we will attempt to give one if we can.

Tdaviscole’s Online Service’s reserves the right to change prices although those prices will not affect any time period that is actively in motion. However, if there is a lapse in your Ad space membership, you may be subjected to new prices if you need to re-enroll.

We do not change out images or links during a 90-day period. Your original submission will remain the same for 90 days. However, if you’d like to switch up your Ad at the end of a 90-day period, you may submit a new form or contact our customer support.

We reserve to right to update our policies, terms, and conditions at any time.

It’s important that you that all of the terms, conditions, privacy policies, and income disclosures apply to your actual Online Profit Builder’s Library Membership status. Our privacy policies apply to all partners, members, and customers as your information are used to provide you with services.

You can read our privacy statement HERE and other terms and conditions related to your Online Profit Builders Library Membership HERE.

Again, Partnerships differ on refunds, because there aren’t any unless we remove or deny your Ad. However, we do offer refunds on other services such as memberships, courses, and products which are outlined HERE.  This is a legal and binding contract that you’re agreeing that you’ve read and understood as you’re entering this partnership with us.

If you have any further questions or concerns,

Please submit a support ticket:  support@tdaviscole.zohodesk.com or

Call Us: 1 (844) 244-5440

To Your Success . . .