Webinars are taking the digital marketing world by storm and have become the #1 tool to market products and boost sales .

Well, here is an excellent opportunity to harness all the persuasive power of Webinar marketing to improve conversion rates and make a killing.

16 "How To" Videos

Watch this webinar video series to discover everything you need to know to become a webinar boss.

Instructional Guide

Access (step-by-step) instructions on how to leverage webinars to increase leads and generate sales.

Mind Map

Use the webinar mind map to sketch out your webinar, then use your checklist to ensure you're ready to collect like a boss.

Higher Conversions

Webinars are the highest converting online medium with sales rates on average between 10%-20% vs an average of 2.35% for sales pages alone.

If you are selling anything over $100, you are going to sell a whole lot more on a webinar than on your sales page or through your email follow-up alone.

Course Outline

Capitalize on the endless power of webinars with Webinar Boss. Check out the outline below to discover what you’ll learn.

Video 1: About Webinars
Video 2: Conduct Webinar Meeting
Video 3: Use Webinars To Train
Video 4: Generate Webinar Sales
Video 5: Conduct Live Webinars
Video 6: More On Live Webinars
Video 7: Checklist For Webinar
Video 8: Finding Webinar Providers
Video 9: Using Webinar Gold
Video 10: Using EverGreen Webinar
Video 11: Checklist For EverGreen
Video 12: Using Webinar Tools
Video 13: Do Webinar Mind-Maps
Video 14: More On Mind-Maps
Video 15: Power-Point In Webinars
Video 16: Webinar Whiteboards
See You Inside. . .